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Brand new unreleased tracks include; Infinity’s End (a sonic sci-fi story) and Mushroom Mark (a song that is dedicated to all our creative compatriots who have marched away from this planet). 
This album includes the previously released but now newly re-mastered tracks: I Wish I Had A Goat and Ode to the Pillz Berry Dough Boy
We hope you dig this mad feast of songs and stories.
Let your ears soak up the vibes.

The cover is by the amazing artist Don Campau. Check out more of Don’s work

Tim Mungenast & Astro Al have released our latest in a series of collaborations.
This album is called Haunted Taco Platter. If you have tacos you want haunted, we guarantee that this album will do. It’s full of psychedelic explorations that will sweep away the corners of your soul. Give it a listen!

Astro Al appeared on Sal’s Show.
If you’re ready to have your mind blown wide open, watch our hour long freak out performance.



*** New Tunes ***

Harts Horn and Astro Al made a Halloween album! Halloween Party Tonight is a ghoulish good time party of an album. If you want to surf with Dracula this album will be the soundtrack!
We had a blast making this album and hope you dig it like Frankenstein digs up a grave!

Check out and buy Halloween Party Tonight!

Tim Mungenast & Astro Al present:
The Transonic Buffalo Opens the Vortex
A cosmic swirling collection of sonic proportion tunes! Yes, this is the latest in a string of collaboration recordings with the goat god guitarist/vocalist Tim Mungenast and the Astro Al clowns.
Listen and buy it here:


A new Astro Al album has
arrived in this dimension.

Outer Places
is the latest and oddest Astro Al album yet. This is an audio collage sculpted from random recording sessions in, Rome, Tokyo, Rhode Island, New Hamsphire, Maine, Amsterdam, and an abandoned train tunnel in Massachusetts. Is this music? Sometimes. Is this just a collection of sounds? Sometimes. This is a sound experience that will expand your brain.
Listen and consume it here:

Harts Horn and Astro Al present their first full-length collaboration Which Music.
A full album filled with space rock, psychedelia, goth, and laughs.
Give it a listen!

Live Creatures is a recording of Astro Al’s set at the 4th Creature Double Feature Roundup. Some live renditions of Astro Al classics like You’re Dead, So Shut Up are included as well as new tunes like Graveyard Music.
Dig it here!

We collaborated with Wisteriax and Tim Mungenast to make a psyechedlic wall of gothic sounds called My Other Car Is A Flying Saucer. Come aboard and take a ride to the furthest reaches of your aural pleasure. Dig this!

Astro Al was on the wonderful cable show Lowell Train. You can watch the complete show. It will freak you out. Warning watching this show will melt your brain.




Welcome to the Deathless Night.
An all new ebook series by Count Robot from Astro Al.

A Meeting in the Night is the first installment of the six part short story ebook series The Deathless Night.
You can purchase the ebook from the link below

Click below to watch the youtube preview of A Meeting in the Night. The trailer is narrated in the voice of the star of the Deathless Night series, Ashlynn O'Kavangh, a vampire from ancient Ireland.

Deathless Night Trailer: A Meeting in the Night









Astro Al infects the internets!
We’re on more sites. Yes Astro Al spreads across the web like the mind altering plague that we are.
We’re now on Band Camp
We’re also on Reverb Nation
and we have a messed up Facebook page which kind of works


Art by Mark Reiser

RIP Mark, thanks for the wonderful art



Check out Count Robot’s blog for updates on Astro Al and other blathering weirdness


Astro Al was interviewed in It's Psychedelic Baby!
Read it, live it, turn on, tune in….



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