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New Astro Al Album!

Beyond the Wall. This is the latest Astro Al album.
Check it out here

This album consists of two epic tracks. Each one is a classic horror story re-designed. Cask of Amontillado (by Poe) and the Music of Eric Zann (by Lovecraft). It’s a wild beast of a terror filled soundscape experiment. Dig it, if you dare.


The Poetry of Rust!

This is what it sounds like when metal dies. This is the sound of chaotically blissful dishwashers playing guitars, which play bass, violin, bits of metal, chimes, and things that don’t exist.
Listen to it!

The Poetry of Rust is the latest in a string of full-length albums by Tim Mungenast (guitarist, singer, songwriter, and karmical cool cat), and, those menaces to good taste, Astro Al. Yeah, that’s part of the reason its in the news section. Art as commerce. Some spoken words bits, some ambiance, experimental psychedelic music that will reshape your brain, we hope you dig it. This might be the weirdest thing we’ve done yet.

Other news.

Check out Astro Al laying down a preview of our Creature Double Feature album which is in progress. Here’s a song from that upcoming album, here is Sharkgator!


DNA Girl & Count Robot of Astro Al appear as their writer selves on this show, Room to Write. Check it out.

They discuss writing and the mechanics of being in a writers group.

If you’re into writing and considering joining or forming a writers group this video may help guide you.

Astro Al appeared on Sal’s Show.
If you’re ready to have your mind blown wide open, watch our hour long freak out performance.




Astro Al infects the internets!
We’re on more sites. Yes Astro Al spreads across the web like the mind altering plague that we are.
We’re now on Band Camp
We’re also on Reverb Nation
and we have a messed up Facebook page which kind of works


Art by Mark Reiser

RIP Mark, thanks for the wonderful art



Check out Count Robot’s blog for updates on Astro Al and other blathering weirdness


Astro Al was interviewed in It's Psychedelic Baby!
Read it, live it, turn on, tune in….



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May 31, 2020