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Forgotten Gods of Egypt
When I was in Vegas back in 97 I stayed at this hotel that was shaped like a pyramid. I was walking towards a bar in the middle of the casino with my friends Bill and Al. I told Al that I wondered what the ancient Egyptian gods would make of this place and maybe I should write a story about it, which all these years later I still haven’t done. Al said that he thought the gods would be flattered. Bill thought it might be cool if the gods owned the place and this was their retirement home and they ran it as a business to have pocket money. It was another good idea, and maybe I can pretend that someday I’ll write that one too.

Bill came from a long line of Roman soldiers. He had the chiseled physique of a fierce legionnaire in his prime. Although I never saw Bill with a sword I often thought he would look impressive decapitating someone. He knew a lot about history and he could drink a couple of jugs of wine before he would pass out and start spouting about how small Caesar’s dress was. We called Bill Zos a lot. Zos was short for Zen of sloth. It was the philosophy of being lazy which Bill excelled at which really wasn’t a negative thing because by doing nothing he achieved great things like the time he led a small group of elite members of Rome’s finest legion to fight vampires in a forgotten temple.

Now some might find Al’s role diminished by the fact that this bizarre narrative pays a lot of attention to Bill but that in no way diminishes Al’s stature in this story.
You see Al was like a gateway drug. He would lead you to a bigger trip every time and that was pretty cool.

So back to the Egyptian gods. You see at this point I was wondering if Bast was running a cat house or if Horus owned a dog track. It was just one of those nights out there in the desert where the wheels spin forever and the dice roll and roll all night and all day and the cards are turned and shuffled and fold all the time that there is in this lovely city of gold and lust.
And maybe that’s all there is to say about this.