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Hey there spaced
out hipsters!  

There's lots of news going down in the galaxy so let's  groove


New Astro Al and related
music for 2023 

We have released the following albums this year with more to come.  

The Level Above Human
Brian Fowler & Astro Al   

Brian and Astro Al have done a lot of collaborations over the years. This is our first full length album together. This is a space rock pysch out freak out. Lots of mind altering songs/tracks to jam out to inside your brain capsule. File under Krautrock and interstellar override beyond infinity!
Get space rocked!  


The Wisdom of Rust
Tim Mungenast & Astro Al 

Our third rust album with Tim. Psych out guitars rusting in a universe full of smart decay. Spoken word weirdness melting into ethereal weirdness. A perfect corroded part of the rust series which will continue. Check it out  


by Expanse 

We (DNA Girl and Count Robot from Astro Al) were invited to guest jam with the mighty Expanse. There should be another session later this year. You can watch Expanse get crazy on youtube you can also listen here  

Evil Clown Headquarters does livestreams almost every week. Well worth subscribing.  


Zon Meditates
by Amplissima

DNA Girl & Count Robot team up with Eric Dahlman & Tim Mungenast to create our second album as Amplissima. Music created in nature and with nature. Hear notes flow with breezes and varmint calls call upon varmints! This is a strange treasure trove of music and sounds recorded in a mystical forest.
Get weird!  



 Astro Al's other incarnation band Static Apparitions had their debut live gig at The Wonder Valley experimental music festival in 29 Palms CA. It was a fantastic experience playing with all the wonderful acts in the middle of the desert. Look for a live and more album later this year.



























Astro Al infects the internets!
We’re on more sites. Yes Astro Al spreads across the web like the mind altering plague that we are.
We’re now on Band Camp
We’re also on Reverb Nation
and we have a messed up Facebook page which kind of works


Art by Mark Reiser

RIP Mark, thanks for the wonderful art

Check out Count Robot’s blog for updates on Astro Al and other blathering weirdness


Astro Al was interviewed in
It's Psychedelic Baby!
Read it, live it, turn on, tune in….



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